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Mary Rathe“Before I began coaching with Caterina I did not recruit anyone. Since joining Caterina’s group I am averaging 5 recruits a month. Plus I have learned so much including the value of being willing to be
uncomfortable. I am so confident now. Thanks to Caterina I am well on my way to the top of my company.”
Mary Rathe, Let’s Do Tea

Tari Conley"Your Business Breakthrough course has provided exactly the tools I need to move my business to the next level. Powerful and effective leadership was my goal going into this program and although we haven't quite wrapped up yet, I can't wait to tell you that I already see a difference in the way I work with my leaders in moving them to the next level. We are all setting goals, communicating effectively and growing our businesses.  Thank you Caterina. Your infectious attitude, energy and enthusiasm have made a huge difference!"
—Tari Conley, Senior Manager, Eagles Nest Advisory Board, Appreciation Works

Kara Keaster"This program is awesome!  It is exactly what I needed to grow my business. I am learning how to be more focused, more consistent and to use the accountability to keep me in action. I really like that it is so results-oriented and I have learned so much from the other participants in the program. I have gotten so many great ideas for my business by learning what other are doing. I am so impressed with this program I just signed up to do it again.
—Kara Keaster, Manager, Gold Canyon

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Making Your Direct Sales Business Resolutions Stick (29:12 minutes)

How to Get You & Your Team Ready for High Sales in the Busy Season
(45:48 minutes)

Strategies for your Best Year Yet
(32:30 minutes)

Run Your Business Like a Business
(28:48 minutes)

Networking Know How: Make Your Connections Count for More Recruits
(22:30 min)

How to Have Your Very Best Busy Season
(26:56 minutes)

Turn Your Recruits Into Superstars
(39:10 minutes)
Tailgate to Find New Prospects
(11:13 minutes)

Up Your Acknowledgement for more Direct Selling Success
(10:22 minutes)

How to Have a Successful Booking Blitz
(11:26 minutes)

Create Your Compelling Vision
(16:06 minutes)
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