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581-26th Ave
San Francisco, CA 94121

Phone: 415-668-4535

Fax: 415 750-1427

Email: info@directsalescoaching.com

Website: directsalescoaching.com

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Pat Wagman"When I first met Caterina, I was experiencing some 'money now' but not enough 'money later.' My recruiting had not been consistent. I was struggling to learn more business skills as well as developing a plan that is user-friendly for other consultants. Since working with Caterina, my parties and sales have been phenomenal! I actively share my success with potential recruits, and I am consistently adding new team members, heading toward significant "more money later." Everyone who is building a direct sales business requires the guidance of a success coach. There is no need to re-invent the wheel when Caterina is available with all the user-friendly tools that anyone and everybody can use."
- Pat Wagman, Sales Manager, Norwex Enviro Products

Diane Nozik"When I first met Caterina, my business had grown to the point that I was having trouble working with all of my leaders because I had so many. As Caterina would say, "that's a gold-plated problem!"  In the Business Breakthrough Program, I got a clearer vision of where I want my business to go, and a new perspective on how to simplify the coaching process. What was most exciting was that 90% of the team members who participated with me in the program achieved our incentive trip that year to Spain! While companies provide wonderful training, it's priceless to have someone working with you who has an objective, outside perspective.  Caterina is a master at providing that, and you will definitely get more than your money's worth."
Diane Nozik, Executive Director, Wine Shop At Home

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