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New Business Breakthrough
Coaching Program
Coming Soon!

Michelle Barone“Each week, after our Business Breakthrough coaching call I hang up the phone and I am compelled to take action. Some ideas and thoughts so simple that I passed them by. I needed Caterina's coaching to remind me that it can all happen with certainty, enthusiasm, passion and ease. Thank you Caterina- you are amazing.You have lead me to new aspirations.!”
Michelle Barone, Passion Parties Team Manager

"I am definitely seeing the difference in my business as the result of Caterina's coaching. I got so much valuable information and suggestions from the course.  I really wanted to get my business back on track, and I did it with Caterina's support.  The average number of shows for me, and my team, has tripled, and I am now strong and steady with my recruiting, and with managing my team.  Whatever the next course is that she is offering - sign up now!  You won't regret it. She is awesome!"
Susan Sinford
Unit Organizer, Princess House




Direct Sales Business Breakthrough Program
CEOs have coaches, top executives have coaches and top direct selling leaders have coaches to bring focus to their businesses, provide new ideas, find innovative solutions and keep them on track and in action. What about you? Are you a top direct sales leader or do you want to be a top leader? Participating in this program will accelerate your personal business and team growth better than anything else.

Business Breakthrough Coaching Group

Innovate, Motivate and Accelerate
Your Direct Selling Business and Your Team

Kari Hagensmith"I am an experienced direct seller. I pretty much know what to do. Am I lazy, have a fear of success, manage my time poorly? Maybe. But what really matters is accountability and challenge. Yes I have an up-line that could do the job but I need to really be pushed and they weren't always willing to do the job. Here is where Caterina's coaching comes in. Her weekly calls were just what I needed. After all these years of languishing in mediocrity I responded to her business savvy suggestions and the accountability of the group and finally promoted into my company's management ranks and it feels amazing."
Kari Hagensmith, BeautiControl Unit Manager, DIQ 

This Powerful Group Success Coaching Program includes:

Three months of bi-weekly group coaching session to serve as an accountability structure to get you to your goals faster

Every other week receive 40 minute laser group coaching sessions with Caterina

There are a maximum of eight participants in the program, allowing for both a strong group dynamic and personal attention

If you want to take your direct sales business to the next level this coaching program will provide the structure, accountability, momentum, insight and motivation to do so.

"I had reached a plateau in my business, having been in it for many years. Working with Caterina gave me a way to be accountable, work with my numbers and to lead my group more effectively.  I got really clear about what's important to me, and how to identify and develop quality relationships, building a solid foundation of people who are committed to the business. I just won two top company awards, and had eight people in my group on the all-expense paid trip to the Amazon rainforest this year (out of a total of 22).  I know that Caterina's coaching is what really made the difference in enabling me to achieve these goals."
Nancy Wongmo, Silver Ambassador, Amazon Herb Company

From your participation you will gain:
More clarity, focus and accomplishment of your goals and mission
A solid action plan to follow to book, sell, recruit and lead effectively
New tools for accelerated growth in your challenge areas
Skills to develop leaders throughout your organization
More consistency in your actions and more results happen with ease
A significant increase in your recruiting results
Higher commissions and an increase in your personal and group volume

"Caterina, you continue to amaze with me with how much content you are able to cover in a short period of time. It is so easy to stay engaged throughout your session with the relevant stories you use to illustrate your points, and the interactive way you get all participants sharing and interacting together. And most importantly, the techniques, scripting and strategies you share can be implemented right away, and with ease. I am so thrilled I took your class and recommend it to all my consultants."
Debrena Jackson Gandy, Warm Spirit National Vice President

How does this program work?
This program pulls information from my Success with Ease® Direct Selling with Ease®, Recruiting with Ease® and Leading a Team with Ease® programs. We will discuss the important strategies needed to grow your business and cultivate leadership in others. You will have bi-weekly actions to take to propel your business forward.

A major factor in the group’s effectiveness is the support, feedback, sharing and resources you receive from the other participants.

Dortha Hise“I signed up for another round of the Business Breakthrough Coaching Program. My team is expanding rapidly and I just had my best recruiting month ever. I have learned so many things that have made a huge difference in how I run my team and I am seeing my team more focused and in action than ever before.”
Melani Sessa, Sr. Consultant, Michele Baratta At Home

New Business Breakthrough Program
starting soon!

If you are interested in being notified as soon as the schedule is set, send an email to cat@directsalescoaching.com.

Join the Business Breakthrough program
and watch your business soar.

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